Low Voltage Lighting

Nov 1, 2023 | Lighting

In today’s world, a well-illuminated home is the most effective theft deterrent. Lighting is also essential in your business to keep your employees safe through emergencies. We know the day-to-day hustle is expensive, so adding these amenities to your home or business may seem like a stretch. But, when you utilize lighting over low voltage, you can save energy and money. At Rivas TechGroup, we are a verified PoEWit dealer and offer complete lighting solutions using low-voltage electric plans. Not sure if low voltage lighting is suitable for you? Let’s look at the benefits it can bring to your home or business!

What is Low Voltage Lighting?

Low-voltage lighting is typically used outdoors but is becoming more popular indoors. If the wire for a 120-volt light source is exposed or gets wet, it can be dangerous for someone to come in contact with. However, low-voltage lighting is either 24-volt or 12-volt and is much safer than traditional wiring. A rule of thumb is, if your lights are somewhere where the wiring could become exposed and hazardous, it’s always better to opt for low voltage.

Benefits of Lighting Over Low Voltage

Lighting over low voltage can bring many benefits to your home and business. This method introduces energy and cost savings, safer options for your family members or employees, and significant heat reduction.

Energy and Cost Savings

Low-voltage lighting can emit as much light as an incandescent bulb while using only 20% of the energy. Lower voltage bulbs also work well with dimmer switches, which helps with energy efficiency and allows you to save money on your energy bills. Additionally, the lower voltage does not require a licensed electrician installation. Not only will you save on bills, but also the installation of your new lights.

Some light fixtures come with mini-transformers attached, which can ultimately stack on the price. Specific low-voltage light fixtures don’t have to use additional transformers and are cheaper in the long run. These will be yet another area of saving for you!

Recessed lighting in kitchen

Less Dangerous

As mentioned above, if the standard 120-volt wires are exposed, it can be dangerous and potentially life-threatening to anyone who comes in contact. The 24-volt or 12-volt wires are much safer in this aspect. While touching an exposed 24V or 12V wire will be painful, it’s not as hazardous as the standard 120V.

Similarly, a short in 120V wires is dangerous and could cause sparks and a fire. Because low-voltage wires don’t transport a lot of electricity, a short that causes a fire is much less likely. It goes without saying you should always be cautious around exposed wires, regardless of the power involved.

Heat Reduction

Unlike other bulbs, low-voltage lights are cool to the touch and don’t produce nearly as much heat. When halogen or incandescent bulbs are in use, they not only radiate heat into the room but also into the attic above. Typically, heat-contributing bulbs can’t be covered by insulation because of the fire hazard. While this might not seem like a big deal, it can cause cool air to leak out in the summer, and warm air in the winter. Ultimately, low-voltage lighting can keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Where to Use Low Voltage Lighting

Low-voltage lights are typically smaller than equally-bright incandescent light bulbs, which makes them easier to use in a variety of ways. You can install them in small spaces, hard-to-reach places, and other nooks that traditional lighting styles are too large to fit. With low-voltage lighting, you can use a wider variety of light bulbs as well. Low-voltage lighting is versatile and you can use it for recessed lighting, emergency lighting, and security lighting for your home and business.

Office using recessed lighting

Your kitchen is probably one of the most trafficked rooms in your house and the most popular place for low-voltage lighting. Recessed lighting in your kitchen can be used as task lighting for cooking or work, while under-cabinet lighting can be used for sipping wine with your friends. You want to be sure your kitchen lighting, along with your other home lighting, is safe for all your visitors.

Emergency and security lighting can be utilized in both homes and businesses. Using these forms of lighting over low-voltage wires will ensure a long lifespan, so you save on bulb replacements. Low-voltage lighting is not limited to any specific area, and you can get creative with where you utilize it to your advantage!

Low Voltage Lighting Specialists

As your local PoEWit dealer, our team at Rivas TechGroup is happy to help with your low-voltage lighting, both commercial and residential. We will design lighting systems that will seamlessly fit your environment. The appropriate lighting saves you energy, money, stress, and makes it easy to control with the touch of a button. If you’re ready to reap the benefits of low-voltage lighting, contact us today!