Smart Home Automation for Aging in Place

Mar 1, 2024 | Home Automation

Years ago, the safest place for your elderly parents was a retirement home with 24/7 monitoring. While this was safe for them, it likely wasn’t comfortable or convenient. Being away from the comforts of one’s home can often lead to negative side effects. However, thanks to rapid technological advancements, there are now multiple ways smart devices can grant senior or disabled homeowners more independence, comfort, and convenience. Smart homes can be equipped with easy-to-use devices, empowering users to rely less on caregivers. At Rivas TechGroup, we partner with companies to offer devices that make aging in place positive for everyone. Here are several ways smart homes are aiding disabled and elderly users.

Benefits of Smart Home Automation for Seniors

Typically, with age comes loss of mobility, forgetfulness, safety and health concerns, and all-around worry about well-being. Though these seem reason enough to move them into your home, it is only sometimes feasible. A significant occurrence of growing older is sacrificing your independence. However, installing smart home devices in seniors’ homes means they can experience a taste of freedom again. Smart home devices allow you to monitor their homes and check in on your loved ones throughout the day. Smart lighting, motorized shades, and security systems are just a few of the solutions that can help ensure the well-being of your loved ones and your peace of mind.

Smart Lighting

With a lighting control system, seniors can dim any set of lights, turn off all the lights, set an automated “scene,” or change the colors of the lights with a tap of a button on a touchscreen, mobile device, or mounted wall panel, or simply through voice commands. Lighting control is helpful in many scenarios, but it’s perfect for easing the everyday hustle and bustle for seniors. We all know how important lighting is to put us in the right mind. Lights that slowly brighten in the morning can help them wake up on the right side of the bed. Blue lights stimulate the mind, and our bodies respond with energy and attentiveness, making it ideal for mornings. It’s obvious what lighting can do for everyday tasks, but let’s look at a few ways lighting can help seniors.

Person holding phone showing home automation options

When moving around the house at night, voice-controlled lighting can activate the lights to help seniors find what they need. If they have a late doctor’s appointment and arrive after dark, they can turn the outdoor lights on with their mobile device, motion sensor, or pre-programmed schedule to reduce the chance of falling. Growing older can be an immense change, with new things to track, avoid, or be careful of, and automated lights can add a sense of normalcy to their day.

Motorized Shades

Like lighting control, motorized shades can be part of a centralized home system that allows them to integrate with timers and sensors. The integration allows the blinds to work alongside the thermostat and lighting control to adjust the lighting and temperature. Motorized shades bring convenience, ease of use, and a sense of privacy. Before going to sleep, pressing a button can close all the blinds, lower the thermostat temperature, and turn on the home’s exterior security lighting. Large windows can be great for natural light but allow more leeway for Peeping Toms. By programming blinds to close at the end of the day, they’ll never have to worry about forgetting to shield their lives from others outside the home. A simple press of a button can help find the perfect balance of natural light while also helping save on energy costs and providing some security. Here are some instances where we think motorized shades are helpful for older individuals.

If your parents are habitual recliner bookworms, motorized shades are an exceptional investment. Sometimes, simply getting out of a chair drains their energy, even more so when they have to do it multiple times a day. We know vitamin D is necessary, so our motorized shades make it easy for them to soak it in while staying comfortable. Similarly, if they often go to the Bingo Center, mobile control shades can be beneficial for closing the blinds when they might have otherwise forgotten to.

Elderly woman sitting on a couch talking on the phone

Home Security

Safety is often one of the biggest concerns for seniors who worry about their well-being or others. Home security systems can grant a sense of safety to anyone with reduced mobility and peace of mind to their loved ones and family members. Smart locks, doorbells, and security systems can help seniors live independently and safely in their homes. Smart locks and doorbells are effective for monitoring the activity of anyone exiting or entering because other individuals can check them with a paired app. Family members outside the home can even use indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras to check in occasionally and ensure everything is alright.

Aging parents may concern you, and you need to know when to invest in smart home solutions. Aside from health complications that require extra care, if you are beginning to worry about your family’s well-being daily, you should invest immediately. While we strive to keep your loved ones safe, we also want to give you constant peace of mind as their caregiver. At Rivas TechGroup, we want to empower seniors to live more dignified, self-sufficient lifestyles. Contact us today to get started!